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Jose Garza Badillo defends challenging cases in all areas of Criminal Law, including Murder, Drug Crimes, Sex Cases and DUI in San Diego and Throughout Southern California

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Top 100 Trial Lawyer, Jose Garze Badillo

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime, or if you are currently being investigated for criminal activity in San Diego or Southern California, you need immediate representation by a well qualified criminal defense lawyer. What is done at the beginning of your case can set the stage for a dismissal of the charges against you, elimination of custody time and the protection of your record.  While some law firms practice in multiple areas of law, Jose Garza Badillo focuses his practice entirely on criminal defense.


Jose Garza Badillo is a leading San Diego criminal defense attorney with extensive courtroom experience throughout California. Mr. Badillo has an upstanding reputation and has dedicated his entire professional life to ensuring that those accused of crimes receive the most vigorous and competent defense. Whether charged in federal or state court you need a capable, knowledgeable criminal defense attorney. Mr. Badillo has thorough knowledge of all types of criminal matters, ranging from misdemeanors to felonies.  Mr. Badillo’s reputation for meticulous pretrial preparation and a willingness to take a case to trial has placed his clients in the strongest possible negotiating position which has maximized the very best possible outcome for his clients.


Many defense attorneys advertise that they once worked for the Prosecutor or District Attorney.  Jose Garza Badillo is proud to say he has never worked to incarcerate individuals accused of crimes, nor would he.  Why would you hire someone who at one time worked hard to jail someone for the very crime for which you or your loved one is now being accused?  Because that person professes to be an “insider?”  Because he or she can get you a special deal with someone in the DA’s office?  It simply is not true.  Is that a person whom believes in justice, or in making money no matter how they do it or whose desperation they exploit?  Do they truly care about your rights?  Did they care about them when they used to tell the judge to lock someone just like you up—to toss them in jail?  Hire someone that knows criminal defense work inside and out, and believes in you, your rights, and your innocence.  Hire someone with a record of fighting for those just like you—not against you!

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Our San Diego Criminal Defense Firm serves clients throughout Southern California including Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County and neighboring communities.


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